Hi ! my name is Andrea , I was born in Livorno in 1960 but I’m living in Falconara Marittima from 1984. I approached the world of the radio in the ‘90s and since then the passion for this hobby has never left me. As it has grown harder for me to find the time to dedicate to the radio- particularly when work takes me far away from home.

My main interests are contesting, organizing the team in the station and cooking.

Obviously I started as C.B. with my first radio, an Alan 48, and I gradually grew to become a radio amateur first as IW6BVK and then as IK6VXO. I can still remember my first antenna, a boomerang set up on my balcony; the nights spent doing the town qso, then on certain days the qrm went up and those who could, did long distance contacts using the ssb mode. So I got equipped with a sirtel 2000 and a galaxy pluto, and since then my passion for radio contact has never stopped , even during the Internet era and, more importantly, the era of mobile telephony. Considering the rise of these new technological opportunities, those who still deal with the radio do so because of the excitement you feel with Dx (long distance connection) and in the home made construction.

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