Monthly Archives: April 2016

Very first update!

It’s almost more than one year and a half that we are working on the new station; during this time we completed a lot of works, mainly about the building which hosts our radio shack, both indoors and outdoors.

We also raised a new tower, provided by our friends of II9P, which is still nowadays not definitive because it lacks of some sections to be mounted. This tower is temporarily used for testing the antennas.

Talking about antennas, we bought recently over 350Kg of aluminium to be converted in antennas. So firstly, we started to build from scratch the 10m and 15m antennas due to their modest dimension. Both are 5 elements OWA designed by YU7EF and perform very well during the first tests.

In the near future we are going to work on a complete new tower and make 20m antennas. See you in the next update!