Category: SOAB LP
Call used: IK6VXO
Date: 02/10/2018
Operators: : IK6VXO
Result: : 1° World - European Record

After the two good resulting CQ WW CW in low power from IR6T, and due to the lack of enough operators for this contest, Andrea IK6VXO took part as SOAB LP.

In low power everything worked well for the whole weekend. Good low band propagation with nice opening towards north America. Good number of multipliers made the difference this time, to surpass YV1KK with more qso!

Shout out to Gabry IT9RGY/I4 from IR4X, very nice race!

One last thing, remember to put ITALIAN CONTEST CLUB when send the log to the committee! It will help the “club” to win the race between clubs and usually in WPX contests we made a decent score! Why not push a little more!!?

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