CQ WW CW 2017

Category: MS LP
Call used: IR6T
Date: 11/25/2017
Result: : 1° Europe - 5° World

Second experience in the CQ WW CW for IR6T in Multi-Single Low power category.

This year with the fabulous help of Bob I2WIJ, who -moreover- took part in the 2010 WRTC in Moscow, and one new operator in the team Francesco IK6SIO. Everything worked well for almost the entire weekend except for a small issue which slowed us down Sunday evening.

All the operators have done a very good job and have been focused for the whole contest.

Real time scoreboard (cqcontest.net) helped to achieve the right concentration and have fun after all. Congratulation to OE2S and IQ3RK for the race!

Thanks too for the good food to IK6RYU with the excellent bbq on Friday dinner and to IK8UND for his usual welcome “Mozzarella di Bufala”.

Hope to hear you next year, as usual starting from the WPX contests.

EDIT 12/03/2019:

At the Italian Contest University we received directly from John K1AR (director of CQ WW) the plaque for our Europe win.

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