Category: MS HP
Call used: IQ6AN
Date: 09/23/2017
Result: : 3° World

This is our first experience in CQ WW RTTY as Multi Op. A small number of operators (beginners included),  but a lot of fun. No big technical problems were spotted during the contest, and after months of work we are finally happy for this achievement even if there are still a lot of parts and features to be added. We suffered only a big but short thunderstorm and hailstorm, because of this we had to make a forced pause of almost one hour Sunday afternoon.

We did not used any inband antenna in this contest and only one operating position for multipliers and no receiving antennas on 80m and 40m. We felt the need of a rotating antenna which will be installed in the near future. Surely with more radios seeking multipliers and inband antenna we could have increased our score a bit more. We hope everything is ready for next year, starting from CQ WPX RTTY. 

Bands were not so bad after all, good openings on 15m and just an hour opening in 10m Sunday at the right time for working both South and North America. However sometimes mostly on Sunday there were not so much traffic in the main bands (40m and 20m).

We had the pleasure to have IZ4AFW Fabio for the second time this year. We had a very good time after all during the contest and tasting the excellent BBQ by IK6RYU Franco and cocktails by IK6JNH Italo.

Congrats to I4DZ and EI7M for the great results they made and hope to reduce the gap in the future.

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