CQ WW SSB 2017

Category: MS HP
Call used: IR6T
Date: 10/28/2017
Result: : 4° Italy - 13° Europe

Another first time experience at the new station in this contest and category. It was almost a test to see how the station performs in CQ WW Multi Single. Almost everything worked well, except a 20m antenna that generated RFI on 15m and 10m. We already fixed everything!

Bands were quite good, mainly 15m with great pileup with North America stations. It’s a pity we didn’t have a good system on 80m, we could have pushed more qso on low bands.

Thanks to Franco IZ8GCE from IR8C who joined us for the first time and pleased us with the original “Babbà” from Naples. 

Overall very good weekend with a lot of fun and pileups! Congrats to IR4M team for the usual excellent score in Europe. 

Hope to see you next year, starting from the WPX contests!

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