IARU HF Championship 2017 – HQ

Category: HQ: 160 SSB - 40 SSB
Call used: II6HQ
Date: 07/15/2017
Result: : 4° World

We took part in the IARU HF Championship as part of the ARI HQ team. Our bands/mode were 160SSB and 40SSB. We enjoyed the activuty on 40m with good openings mainly with north america during the night. We suffered in 160m because of the noise and with only an inverted L antenna.

A good thing to mention is the great BBQ at the end of the contest. We tasted delicious meat offered by Franco IK6RYU to celebrate our first place in europe in WPX SSB M2, and excellent food products from Campania brought by Sal IK8UND. I don’t know if we will remember this contest but the following lunch for sure!

Stay tuned for the full results and story.

EDIT 18/01/2018: Italian ARI HQ stations IIxHQ resulted in 4th position in IARU HF Championship 2017. Thanks to all the operators who contacted the Italian team!

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