IARU HF Championship 2018 – HQ

Category: HQ: 160 SSB - 40 SSB
Call used: IO6HQ
Date: 04/17/2018
Result: : 10┬░ World

Same as last year, we took part in the Italian HQ team with 40m SSB and 160m SSB station. Thanks to Filippo IZ1LBG (ARI HF Contest Manager) to have chosen us also this year!

The 160m station was handled by the young team composed by IU4JHC Filippo, IU3KIE Antonino and IU2GGL Matteo. Despite the condition which was terrible on top band in south Europe in this part of the year, they made a very good job working and chasing all station possible. This is the next generation of contesters and they need to be trained. Having an experience in top band is a nice workout for their “career” as contesters.

On the other hand, the old timers were busy handling the 40m station. The condition were not excellent and we suffered a bit. 

Nice was to be called from so many WRTC stations and see on the online scoreboard which were the operators! We are happy that the only Italian team made a very good score!

Last but not he least we did another barbecue with the vivid memory of the one from last year, so we wanted to repeat! Below some photos of the operators immediately after the contest tasting the good food prepared  by Franco IU6KKW!

Hope to see you next year in the Italian HQ log!

IZ6TSA Nicol├▓

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