Russian DX Contest 2018

Category: M2
Call used: IQ6AN
Date: 03/17/2018
Result: : 4° World

This was the second time we took part to Russian DX Contest and this year we wanted to try M2 category. 

For this event some young friends joined us: Mike IZ1YPF, who is only 22 and rules in CW; Gabry IT9RGY, the Swiss army knife of the team; Genny IZ8TDP, the most tireless operator; Frank IZ8GCE, “the scientist” (” ‘o scienziat“) and Sal IK8UND, the strategist.

Everything worked well, except for the 20m system which results omnidirectional (we are working to rebuild it, stay tuned for more info). We lost a lot of qsos on 80m because of the lack of a NE beverage RX antenna. On 160m we used only an inverted V dipole so we lost other precious multipliers. In addition CW ops were only two, in a contest that is almost totally CW. I hope more operators will join this mode in the next years. In addition we are always looking for new foreign operators that want to join us.

Congratulations to 9A7A and LZ9W for the outstanding result, really another planet!

Despite our result, we had a very nice weekend with a lot of tasty food, as usual brought by our Campania friends. It was a pleasure to see so many young contesters in a single team and hope they’ll join us more in future.

Always hope to see you in the log of the next contests!

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